Helpful Storage Tips

Safety For Your Stored Items

Helpful Tips To Store Your Items Safely

Get the full benefit of our storage solutions by following the helpful tips and tricks mentioned below. You can also talk to our friendly staff members when you contact Trail Boss Storage located in Bismarck, ND today.
  • Make a detailed list of all your items stored. Keep this list in a safe place. If your items include electronic goods, note down their brand names and serial numbers as well. Take photos or videos of your stored items
  • Store your items in the space carefully. Plan your storage in such a way that the frequently used goods are stored near the door. Leave some space around the perimeter of your storage, as it serves as an air passage for ventilation. For easy access, leave a walkway to the rear of the storage spaces. Guard against dampness by placing a pallet or board on the floor because all concrete floors become cold and damp
  • To keep your items clean, wrap your electronic goods and furniture in plastic, linens or clean paper. To prevent damage to fragile items, place them near the top of your storage space
  • Stand your sofas and mattresses on the ends. Dismantle your beds and tables and wrap their legs in paper. Use dresser tops to stack boxes. Make sure you keep all upholstery off the floor to protect from dampness. For better protection of your upholstered items, use climate-controlled storage units
  • To protect metal items such as bicycles from rust, you can wipe them with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil
  • Store all your garden tools, including shovels in empty trash cans to save on storage space
  • Do not store combustible (inflammable) items such as gasoline, solvents, paint thinner, and paints
  • If your items are of value, we recommend you get a renter's insurance. Call us at 701-557-7400 or visit us for more details
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